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Brow Tattoo styles explained

Updated: Apr 2, 2023

From Feather Touch and Micro Blading to Ombre and Powder Brows – what's the difference between each style of brow tattoo and importantly, what's best going to suit you? We've laid out everything you need to know to understand the essentials of brow tattooing and how to choose your style.


If you're dabbling with the idea of elevating your brow game, first thing you need to decide is the style. Here we have broken down some of your options to help you decide what will work best for you.


Feather Brows are just that – soft and feathery. This technique requires 'drawing in' hair strokes to make the brow appear fuller and fluffier. Feather Brows are created using either a Microblading tool (where the pigment is 'etched' into the superficial layer of the skin), or using a tattoo machine (where a Nano Needle deposits the pigment underneath the surface of the skin). Because there are two methods used to create a 'Feather Brow', sometimes your tattooist will distinguish between the two by referring to them as either 'Microblading' or 'Nano'. Nano Feather Brows takes a tattoo artist longer and will usually cost more, but the result will last twice as long (around 2 years) as opposed to Microblading (around 1 year) before fading/blurring.


Staying true to the name, Ombrè brows create a beautiful and strategically placed 'fade'. This look is created using a tattoo machine and needle to shade-in the brows. Generally, the tattoo will start off lighter at the 'bulb' (inner part of the brow) and transition to a darker shade as it reaches the brow tail, following the natural density of the brow hair. An Ombré Brow tattoo is designed to look like you have powdered in your brows (hence why they are sometimes called 'Powder Brows'), and your tattoo artist can create a softly dusted brow, or a strong bold brow based on your preference. This style of tattoo should last up to 2 years before fading, depending on your skin type.


No shock here – 'Combo Brows' are a combination of two techniques – feathering and shading. The feathering is positioned at the inner part of the brow where the natural hair is less dense, while the shading tends to be through the tail to create definition and to disguise any gaps throughout the brow. The feathering can be created using a Microblading tool, or with a Nano Needle - although the Nano technique may be referred to as a Nano Combination Brow. The Nano method tends to be more defined and will last longer, but will require more time for your tattoo artist and may cost more. Nevertheless, the 'standard' Combination Brow (with Microblading) is our most requested brow tattoo style at The Cosmetic Hub.


A 3D Combination Brow is very similar to a standard Combination Brow, but the feathering continues through the whole brow and is layered with an Ombré Brow (shading) - so it is like a '2-in-1'! While this style of brow isn't as well known, the finished look does not appear as 'flat' as other styles and may be a great option if you had minimal brow hair to start with. This look should last up to 2 years before requiring a Colour Boost.

Feather Combo Ombré

If you're not sure what brow style will suit you, you can book a consultation or appointment here. To see more examples of brow tattoo styles, please click here!

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