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A Lip Blush Tattoo Journey

Updated: Feb 27

We follow the Lip Blush Tattoo process to show you before, during and after so you know exactly what to expect.



We would never tattoo without a consultation with you first - which is why consultation time is included with every tattoo appointment. Even if you have had a separate consultation previously, we will still need to check that we are up-to-date with your relevant medical history (to determine your eligibility) and confirm your design ideas at your tattoo appointment. For this reason, it is not imperative to have a separate free consultation prior to your appointment - but you are always welcome to book one, especially if you are not sure!


Your design will be drawn up immediately before any tattooing takes place so that you can check the shape. Different pigments will be smudged onto your skin to show you the different undertones, but they can also be mixed to create your very own custom colour.


The health regulations in Australia require you to provide your own numbing gels for your treatment. You can purchase these over the counter at your nearest pharmacy, or you can order a stronger gel specifically from a compounding pharmacy. This topical numbing gel will need to be applied to the appropriate area at least 20minutes prior to your procedure in order for it to take effect. We recommend applying it prior to arriving at the clinic, as we can remove it during the design phase of your tattoo. Your tattooist will also reapply a secondary numbing gel throughout the procedure.

If you have had reactions to anaesthetics before, you will need to notify the pharmacist so that they can advise you.

Your pharmacist may also recommend starting anti-viral medication prior to your lip tattoo appointment if you have suffered from cold sores previously, as tattooing can trigger the herpes simplex virus to become symptomatic post-procedure. You may also consider taking anti-histamines if you suspect that your lips may swell, which is more common for people who have recently had dermal filler injections in the lips.

Once the treatment area is feeling nice and numb and you have settled on a design, it will be time to commence. There is no need to stress! With a topical numbing cream, most people tolerate the tattoo procedure well. The buzzing and scratching noises are often the worst part.

Before and immediately after Lip Blush Tattoo. (Credit: Stephanie Bowers)


It is important to remember that any new tattoo will always look bold in the first couple of days than it will once it has sufficiently healed. Even if you have selected a neutral or 'nude' pigment, you will initially look like you have a lipstick on. This is normal! You can wear makeup on the other areas of your face to balance out the look, or you can just embrace it!

For the first 24-48 hours, you should avoid any hot or spicy foods that may irritate your lips, and drink through a straw to avoid them getting wet. This also means no kissing for a few days! However, you can absolutely apply your aftercare gel liberally and often to keep your lips hydrated and glossy.

From about day 2 or 3 until up to day 7 to 10, you may experience flaking on the lips. Treat this exactly the same way as chapped lips: Don't pick at the skin, just keep drinking water and applying your aftercare gel (or a natural lip balm alternative) and trust the process. It won't last long!


From about day 10, you should feel a lot like your former self! Your lip colour may appear a little patchy for a few more days, but you should now be able to resume your normal life, including wearing your usual lipsticks. Any corrections or adjustments to your tattoo can be made at your 6 week touch-up appointment. This appointment will follow almost the same process, however it is likely that less 'pass-overs' of the lips will be required as the lips will have retained most of the colour from the first appointment. As a result, the healing process will likely be faster and more streamlined.

In some circumstances, a second touch-up (another 6 weeks from the last appointment) may be required to ensure colour consistency... but once that beautiful blush is looking soft and even, the colour should hold well for a few years giving you long-lasting definition and time back in your day!

For more information or a personalised treatment plan, please contact the clinic.

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