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Cosmetic Tattoo

Our cosmetic tattooists can offer you a variety of styles and colours to suit your individual needs.

When attending a tattoo appointment, please be mindful of accidental pigment marks/spills. We advise you do not wear anything of value as we cannot take responsibility if clothing is permanently tarnished. 



- Feather (Microblading)

- Ombré (Shading)

- Combination / 3D (Microblading and Shading)



(Feather strokes with a tattoo machine instead of Microblading)


- Shading to achieve a consistent natural lip colour

- Baby Eyeliner (no wing/extension)


Who is eligible for Cosmetic Tattoo?

You are eligible for Cosmetic Tattoo if you are over 18 years of age, are not pregnant or breastfeeding, are in good health and not currently taking any acne medication, anti-inflammatory or blood-thinning medication (including fish oil supplements). If you have any questions regarding this, please contact the clinic.

What if I have had anti-wrinkle or filler?

We need your anti-wrinkle or filler to have settled before we can consider tattooing in the same area. Please wait 2 weeks for anti-wrinkle and 4 weeks for filler before booking a tattoo. You will also need to wait until your tattoo is healed (minimum 4 weeks) before having anti-wrinkle or filler in the same area.

Is Cosmetic Tattoo painful?

Brow Tattoo is tolerated really well if you have applied an over-the-counter numbing ointment before attending your appointment (at least 20minutes).

For Lip and Lash Enhancement Tattoo, we recommend purchasing a stronger numbing ointment from your local compounding pharmacy (you will need to order this in advance) and apply on arrival at the clinic. You can also take anti-histamines to reduce swelling, and anti-virals if you are someone who suffers from cold sores.

Is there any downtime?

You can be 'out and about' immediately following a brow tattoo, however the brows will need to be kept as dry as possible for 7-10 days following your appointment. This includes no swimming, no saunas, no excessive sweating, and no putting your face directly in the shower. You cannot use any products on your brows other than tattoo aftercare gel during this healing period.


Lip Tattoo and Lash Enhancement tattoo can cause the area to swell, and so you might feel more comfortable being at home for the rest of the day. You will also need to keep these areas dry as much as possible for the days following, but you should apply aftercare during the healing period.

Cash I wash my hair/face after my tattoo appointment?

Yes, of course you can. Just avoid the tattooed area. If it gets splashed with water by accident, dab it dry with a clean cloth or cotton pad.

How long will my tattoo last?

With all Cosmetic Tattoos we recommend a 6-week touch-up to ensure pigment consistency. From there, you will find that your Brow Tattoo lasts 1-2 years, and Lip and Eyeliner Tattoo lasts around 2 years before you might consider a Colour Boost to freshen up the colour.


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