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Cosmelan® is a professional depigmenting method that fully removes the most severe and resistant spots with maximum efficacy and safety. It is the world's #1 depigmentation treatment.

Cosmelan® is a two-step process. It involves a deep skin peel (applied in clinic by a trained professional) and a product pack for you to take home and use on a daily basis. The at-home kit will last 3-6months. Your usual treatments and skin-care products won't be needed during the time that you are following the Cosmelan® protocol. They can be resumed once you have finished the treatment and after checking in with your Skin Therapist.

At its core, the Cosmelan® protocol is relatively simple, however a preparation treatment (usually a milder peel) may be required prior to commencing Cosmelan®, and follow-up appointments (including LED Healite therapy) may also be necessary to accelerate the healing process and keep your skin hydrated.


Who is eligible for Cosmelan®?

You are eligible for a peel if you are over 18, not pregnant or breastfeeding, and are in good health. You will also need to avoid prolonged sun exposure while following the Cosmelan® protocol.

Can I have any other cosmetic treatments while following the Cosmelan® protocol?

Some non-invasive treatments may be appropriate, but it is important to let your Skin Therapist know when you are using Cosmelan® products so that they can be aware of contraindications.

Is it painful?

The reaction following the Cosmelan® peel is likened to sunburn. It has the same symptoms and down time.

Is there any downtime?

Your skin will appear a bit red immediately after the procedure and so it is recommended to spend a few days at home following the professional peel (step 1). The redness may persist for a few days, and the peeling (or shedding) will commence during this time and may last up to 10 days, with some people experiencing a 'second peel' one week after the first. For this reason, we recommend avoiding Cosmelan® within a couple of months of any important event.

How long will I notice the benefits?

You will notice a difference immediately following the shedding stage. However, the full result will be known around 3 months after following the aftercare program.

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