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Eyebrow Hair Removal

Brow & Lash

Brow sculpt may include waxing and tweezing. Dyes are a substitute for a standard tint and will provide stronger, longer lasting results.

Brow or Lash Lamination (Lash Lift) is the process of using a perm solution to keep your brows in shape and your lashes lifted.


Who is eligible for Brow and/or Lash Treatments?

You are eligible for brow and lash treatments if you do not have any current eye infections or skin impairments within the treatment area.

Can I have any other cosmetic treatments on the day of my appointment?

You can have other treatments in conjunction with Brow & Lash treatments if they are not targeting the same area.

Are brow and lash treatments painful?

Brow Lamination and Lash Lifts are painless. Waxing and tweezing can be mildly uncomfortable but the pain subsides quickly and does not require treatment. A cold compress can be applied if you have sensitive skin.

Is there any downtime?

You are able to resume your normal activities immediately after the treatment. We advise keeping your brows and lashes dry for 24 hours following your appointment (no swimming, saunas, excessive sweating on the same day as your appointment).

How long will I notice the benefits?

SCULPT / TINT: Monthly appointments are recommended.


LAMINATION / LASH LIFTS: Your brow and lash hairs have a 12 week cycle, there are new hairs growing all of the time. There may be some new brow or lash hairs that grow in the weeks following your appointment that were not treated at the time and will therefore not have the same colour or follow the same direction as the treated hairs. Having a second appointment 5-6 weeks after the first appointment allows us to target the majority of the hairs so that your third treatment can be stretched out closer to 8-12 weeks.


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