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Your daily D.O.S.E

Our own New Years Resolution that we would like to share with you!


There are 4 "happy hormones" that can improve your mental health and your overall physical wellbeing... and it is our focus this year to get our daily D.O.S.E of these hormones to live happier and healthier lives!

D is for Dopamine

Dopamine plays a role in controlling our mood, memory, concentration, and sleep.

The best way to boost your dopamine is by putting aside time for yourself to indulge in selfcare activities such as:

  • Booking in for a facial or taking time to complete your own skincare regime at home

  • Getting a massage (or even just giving yourself a scalp massage while you wash your hair, or a hand massage while you apply your handcream!)

O is for Oxytocin

Oxytocin is the love hormone and manages key functions of your reproductive organs. Anything that promotes connection will stimulate the release of oxytocin including:

  • Hugging (friends, family, partners or even taking care of pets or other animals)

  • Giving and receiving compliments

S is for Serotonin

Serotonin is the healing hormone as it acts on blood and bone health, tissue repair, nausea and digestion. If you have digestive issues, or poor physical and mental health, you can give yourself a boost of serotonin by:

  • Getting enough sunlight (exposing your skin to daylight when UV levels are at their lowest, such as first thing in the morning)

  • Meditation, yoga, or a float session

E is for Endorphins

Endorphins are the key to reducing pain and stress. Whilst exercise is the best way to release endorphins, it may not be possible at the time when you need it (such as when you're at work). Other simple ways that you can relieve your pain and stress include:

  • Getting out. Changing your environment. Even just going outside barefoot for a few minutes of fresh air and grounding will make a huge difference.

  • Creating. Pick a task off your to-do list that involves creating something, even if that task is just creating a clean workspace while you play some music.

We hope that you will come on this journey with us in 2024! Follow us on Instagram: @thecosmetichub_au

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