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4 'depigmentation' treatments to start in Autumn

Updated: Apr 2, 2023

All treatments for pigmentation require you to limit your time in the sun. This is why Autumn is the best time to start on your skin goals!


Here are a few of our recommended treatments for pigmentation:

1) Peels

You can lighten surface pigmentation or melasma with an AHA or Vitamin A (Retinol) Power Peel. Some shedding will occur between day 2 and day 10, so it is recommended to do this at least 14 days before any important events. A peel is the least expensive way to lift pigmentation and you will notice an improvement after just one treatment, but you may require more than one (around a month apart) to lift the pigmentation further. Results will be seen after the shedding phase has occurred, around one week after treatment. It is important to keep direct sunlight off your face during this healing period.

2) Skin Needling with Depigmentation Solution

Another option is to do a small series of Skin Needling treatments to break up the pigmentation. A standard Skin Needling treatment will be beneficial, but you can add-on a Depigmentation Mesotherapy Solution to be used during the Skin Needling treatment which will amplify results. Your skin will go through a dry phase in the week following treatment, and you can book in for a mini microdermabrasion or do a gentle home exfoliation with a washcloth to assist with removing any flaky skin during this time. It is recommended to do a course of 3-6 monthly Skin Needling treatments to get the best results, and you will need to avoid the sun particularly for the 2 weeks following each treatment.

3) BBL / IPL

Broadband Light and Intense Pulse Laser are both treatments that target discolouration in the skin. BBL is a general skin rejuvenation treatment, whereas IPL is for targeting a specific area or spot. A combination of both will likely be used in your treatment. A free patch test will be required around one week prior so that we can check how your skin responds before doing a full treatment. The laser works best when there is contrast in the skin, and so as a result it is important that you don't get too much sun (or even fake tan) before or after a treatment. You will notice a difference immediately after just one laser session, although maintenance treatments may be required.

4) Cosmelan

If you really want noticeable results and you don't want to waste any time achieving them, Cosmelan is the way to go. Cosmelan is the world's #1 depigmentation treatment and it is highly effective in treating melasma and age spots. It is primarily a two-step process which involves a professional peel (in clinic) and an at-home product kit which you will be required to use for the next 3-6 months; but this will substitute for your usual treatments and skincare routine during this time. The peel in itself looks like a mud mask and it needs to be left on between 8-12hours depending on your skin type, so it is best to do this on a day where you can go home after your appointment. Once the time has expired, you can wash off the peel and commence the aftercare routine as directed.

The peel creates a sunburn-like reaction within the skin. This will last for a few days. From day 2, the skin will proceed to shed. At this time, we recommend coming in for LED Healite treatments to speed up the recovery process.

In the week following a Cosmelan treatment, the skin may still appear flushed, and some patchiness may remain where the skin is still shedding.

Your at-home skincare kit will last 3-6 months and it is important to follow through with this process to get the best results. Within 3 weeks, you should see clear, plump, healthy skin. Once you have used up your at-home kit, we recommend a follow up appointment with your Skin Therapist to record your results and get clearance before going back to your original skincare routine or booking any other skin treatments.

Due to the timeframe required to complete the treatment, we recommend starting Cosmelan at least 3 months prior to any major event to allow your skin ample time to recover. It is also best to commence treatment in Autumn or Winter as you will need to avoid the sun whilst you are following the Cosmelan protocol.

Wanting to know more about treatments for pigmentation? Book a free consult with one of our Skin Therapists by clicking here.

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