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Woman Having Lip Botox


Dermal Filler can be used to add volume and structure to different areas of the face, creating balance and symmetry. As Dermal Filler is a hydrophilic molecule, it is deeply hydrating which alleviates fine lines and prevents flaky skin and chapped lips. At The Cosmetic Hub, we used temporary fillers which can last around 6- 12 months and the cost of a treatment is dependent on the volume used and location. If you are unsure, please book a complimentary consultation with one of our cosmetic nurses for an individual facial assessment.

Under Australian law, advertising brands of cosmetic injectables is prohibited. For more information, please contact us. 


Who is eligible for Filler?

You are eligible if you are over 18 years of age, are not pregnant or breastfeeding, and are in good health. If you have any questions regarding this, please contact the clinic.

Can I have any other cosmetic treatments on the day of my appointment?

Please allow 4 weeks before having any other treatment in the same area to allow the product time to settle.

Is Filler painful?

Some filler injections contain a numbing agent to make the procedure more comfortable. However, you may wish to use a topical numbing ointment prior to treatment to ease any discomfort at the injection site.

Is there any downtime?

You can be 'out and about' immediately following a treatment, however your skin may be slightly red and swollen and so you may prefer to spend the rest of the day at home. You will need to stay with our nurse for 15 minutes, and no swimming, no saunas, and no excessive sweating for 24 hours. We also advise that you sleep on your back (not on your face) in the days following your appointment to ensure that the product is not displaced. It takes up to 4 weeks for filler to settle, and so in that time you cannot have any other treatments that might put pressure on the treated area as this can cause the Filler to move or disperse.

Cash I wash my face after my appointment?

Yes, of course you can. Just be gentle with any treated areas.

How long does Filler last and how many treatments will I need?

Everyone metabolises hyaluronic acid at different speeds and so individual results vary, but you may consider re-treatment every 6 months to 2 years.


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